Summary of Services

TIERRA WEST Appraisal & Land Use Dynamics, Inc. was founded in 1982 by the current President-CEO, D. Brian Shumway. TIERRA WEST is now a full-service real estate valuation and consulting firm with corporate offices located in Southern California. The firm specializes within the Inland Empire which includes most of Western Riverside and Southwest San Bernardino County. Associate appraisers and staff members within the firm specialize in their respective fields of expertise and have many years of active service and formal education.

The majority of current appraisal services include valuation assignments for such property types as single and multi-unit residential, apartments, condos and PUD's, commercial, industrial and office properties, vacant land, transitional properties, subdivisions, and special use properties (such as mobile home parks, self-storage units, places of worship, medical and surgical facilities, hotels/motels, resorts, golf courses, airports, marinas, mortuaries, sensitive habitat land and others). TIERRA WEST also provides an array of appraisal review services along with market studies, fiscal impact reports, litigation support services and expert witness testimony. Valuation services for right-of-way and eminent domain actions (full or part takes, temporary construction easements, etc.) along with fractional interest analyses and market research services are also within our scope of practice.

The table below outlines the most commonly requested appraisal serices. Appraisal report delivery times will vary based upon market activity and cyclical demand common within our industry. 

Typical Appriasal Report Types:

  • Single-Family (Conventional - URAR/1004 Form Report)
  • Single-Family (FHA - URAR 1004 Form Report)
  • Single-Family (2055 Interior or Exterior Only Form Report)
  • Single-Family (Employee Relocation Council Form Report)
  • Condominium/Planned Unit Development (Condo/PUD Form Report) 
  • 2-4 Family Income Propeties (Form 1025)
  • Multi-family Apartments (71b Form Report W/5+ Units)
  • Multi-family Apartments (71a Form Report / Larger Complexes)
  • Uniform Commercial Industrial Appraisal Report Form (UCIAR - SP/EP)
  • Narrative Appraisal Reports (Restricted Use, Summary & Self-contained Formats)

Contact us for further infromation regarding professional fees and delivery schedule, particularly with regards to commercial, industrial, office, land, special use or other property types and services.